Food and Beverages are Good For Your Brain

26 Apr 2012

f588a061e20dd0398d3f91f0da92dfe0_kerang-makanan-sehatOf various foods and beverages that is around us, including our good for brain health. Well, here are 10 healthy foods that are proven to improve the overall health of our brain. I suggest taking it to improve the performance of your brain.

1.Tiram / ??Shellfish

Who is the ga sich like this food? :) Researchers have shown that oysters are very beneficial for your brain health.

Oysters contain many minerals, zinc, and iron which helps our brain to stay sharp and improve the ability to recall information easily.

Lack of zinc and iron resulting in poor concentration, memory lapses, and of course a variety of diseases throughout the body.

2.Teh / Green tea

Would you like to drink coffee on a sunny morning? try to replace it with a warm cup of tea. Green tea or black tea is very beneficial for the brain because it contains catechins.

Have you ever experienced the situation where you feel tired, and too lazy to think? This may be due to a lack of substance catechin in your brain.

Catechin useful to keep the mind in order to stay sharp, fresh, and it works fine. Oh yes, but it also allows the brain substance is more relaxed and help reduce fatigue of the brain. I suggest drink green tea after bangung sleep, or after working out. :)

3.Buah Berry

Berries good for improving motor skills and your overall ability to learn.

Most berries (including blueberries, respberry, and not the brand blackberry hp lhoch!) Is very good to improve the health of our brain.

If you want to reverse the effects of aging on the brain, please consumption of this fruit every day.

Berry also contain fisetin and flavenoid very good for improving memory. and allows us easy to remember past events

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