Seed to Cure Diabetes Mellitus

27 Apr 2012

1296f8bccb407360f7136faf6c158008_diabetes-melitus-habbatussaudaSeed efficacious for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. DM patients blood sugar levels can be lowered because Seed has the ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase. This enzyme plays a role in the metabolism of glucose production in the blood.

Diabetes Mellitus (DM), including diseases that must be wary of. He became the greatest number of patients with the disease in some countries. According to WHO data, the number of people with DM in Indonesia ranks fourth in the world. In 2006 in Indonesia is estimated there are about 14 million people with DM.

This disease needs to watch out because it could cause other complications such as heart disease, stroke, erectile dysfunction, kidney failure, and damage to the nervous system.

This disease appears due to the body is unable to control the level of sugar (glucose) in blood. This is due to the pancreas can not produce adequate amounts of insulin, insulin which serves as a control blood sugar levels. This situation causes the excess sugar can damage blood vessels and raises complications.

Mechanism of Seed in Treating Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus, God willing, be treated with Seed. In the book Herbal Trio (Editor Poster, 2010), a mechanism similar to Seed in treating diabetic thiazolidinedione performance - one of the active ingredient that is often consumed by diabetic patients. These compounds are able to improve insulin sensitivity by activating certain genes that play a role in the synthesis of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Several studies show that thiazolidinedione is also good for the heart, can lower the blood, and increase LDL (good cholesterol).

A. The results Al Hader, researchers from the Faculty of Medicine Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan, showed fasting blood sugar levels guinea pigs which were given intake of alloxan diabetes - cause of diabetes - decreased 12% after 4 hours pascaperlakuan and 21% after 6 hours.

In that study there was no increase insulin levels. That is, the mechanism of reduction in blood sugar is not thought to be caused by increased amounts of insulin. But the decline in blood sugar levels due to the ability Seed inhibit enzyme activity of glucose-6-phosphatase. This enzyme plays a role in the metabolism of glucose production in the blood. If the action of the enzyme was stopped the blood glucose level drops.

Another study conducted MHA Tissera et. al. in 1998 against 55 people with diabetes. As quoted by dr. Hendrik M. Kes in his book Black Sauda Thibbun Nabawy for Preventing and Treating Diseases, the study concluded that a decline in blood sugar levels significantly in 72.7% of diabetics who received the extract of Black Seed oil with doses of 2 x half teaspoon (2, 5 ml) / day by mouth for a month.

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