The cat’s whiskers (mustache cat)

27 Apr 2012

f59f70af186c3fca5a070acac64b65fc_kumiskucingresep-herbalLatin name: Orthosiphon stamineus Benth

Local name: Whisker ucing; mustache cat; Songot koceng; Remujung; Sesaseyan

Description of the plant: Plants trunked wet, up to 1.5 m high, oval-shaped leaves, white flowers like a cat’s whiskers, rectangular trunk and break easily

Habitat: Grows wild in the fields, on the banks of the river and in places where the soil slightly moist until an altitude of 700 m above sea level, there is also planted as an ornamental plant

Used Parts: All parts of plant

Chemical Ingredients: Genkosid orthosifonin; fatty substances; Essential oils: Oils fats; Saponin; Sapofonin; potassium salt

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory: Diuretics
Simplesia name: Herba Orthosiphonis

The traditional recipe:

difficulty urinating
Fresh leaves of cat’s whiskers 1/4 handheld; 1 cup water, boiled to obtain a liquid 1/2 cup, drink every day 2 times and every time I drink 1/2 cup

kidney stones
6 g herb cat’s whiskers; Herba meniran 7 trees; Water 110 ml, Made infusion, drink 2 times a day, every times drinks 100 ml


Cat’s whiskers leaves 20 pieces: 20 pieces of bitter leaves; Water 110 ml, Made infusion, drink 1 a day; 100 ml

Leaves 1 handful of fresh cat’s whiskers; papaya bark area of 4 cm2; Water 110 ml, Made infusion, drink 1 a day 100 ml

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