Rattan plants Sore Throat solution

30 Apr 2012

c67d183a40471d1dbb34f9c884bd6b7a_timthumbphpRattan is one of many creeping plants that grow on the islands of Kalimantan Central Kalimantan. Plant stems are usually spiny rattan and colored coklat.Rotan is still similar to the plant bark (Palmae). Generally, each cane to 6 meters in length and they also bear fruit and the fruit is also edible guys.Tanaman grow by riding on the surrounding vegetation .

Rattan is usually used as supplementary material to this webbing can also be used for potions.

How to remove the bitter sap contained in the young cane

And rattan used for this herb is the tip of the young cane. How to take this cane is to be eaten guys.Tapi, rattan that will be consumed must be boiled first dahulu.Potong-cut young cane that will be used as a drug, then boiled with the young cane mendidih.Proses boiling water is beneficial to remove the bitter sap contained in the boiling process tersebut.Setelah wicker, rattan drain and mix with the young cane cooking ingredients that you will mix your buat.Bisa degan cuisine, for example: stir, food or soup.

Substance Tanin

What substance is contained in the cane so it can be used as herbal medicine? …….. The rattan plant contained a substance called tannin tanin.Zat substance itself has the function to combat the bacteria due to illness tenggorokan.Lalu what causes strep throat pain itself? sore throat is caused primarily from bacteria and viruses that carried over from the food we eat, it could be a sore throat can be caused by an infection that food is too hot, too cold beverages and foods that are too panas.Batuk and prolonged cold can also affect the throat, you know! Thus the food and beverages that we consume must be maintained.

In addition to the benefits of rattan which serves to overcome sore throat, tannin substances could also be to tackle diarrheal diseases, malaria and bleeding guys.Banyak benefits we can get from the plant cane which is usually only used for supplementary material woven there are many benefits to health.

My message, Appreciate your health have today and take care of part of the start of the terkecil.Itulah natural health tips that I can say for now.

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