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    Rattan plants Sore Throat solution

    Rattan is one of many creeping plants that grow on the islands of Kalimantan Central Kalimantan. Plant stems are usually spiny rattan and colored coklat.Rotan is still similar to the plant bark (Palmae). Generally, each cane to 6 meters in length and they also bear fruit and the fruit is also edible guys.Tanaman grow by riding on the surrounding vegetation . Rattan is usually used as supplementary material to this webbing can also be used for potions. How to remove the bitter sap contained in the young cane And rattan used for this herb is the tip of the young cane. How to take this cane is to be eaten guys.Tapi, rattan that will be consumed must be boiled first dahulu.Potong-cut young cane that will be used as a drug, then boiled with the young cane mendidih.Proses boiling water is ben
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    Savor the flashy Eggplant

    They may appear less attractive. But behind it, eggplant (aubergine eggpant or) has many benefits for our body. Not only popular as a food, soft fleshy vegetables like a sponge was also used as a drug used to treat various diseases. Quite a few countries which have typical dishes of vegetables Latin name Solanum melongena is. This is because it is known as a vegetable eggplant special. In India for example, eggplant, known as brinjal, is seen as the king of vegetables (king of vegetables) because it tastes good and can be used in almost all Indian cuisine daily and food for the celebration. There is an assumption, eggplant can cause sluggish men. Mincul assumption that it could be due to the appearance of the eggplant is soft after cooking. As a result, most men feel fear when presented
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    his is subject to Those Who Risk Lung Inflammation (Pneumonia)

    Pneumonia or pneumonia is a lung infection caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. In general, pneumonia caused the dam fluid or pus in the cavity of the lungs, causing pneumonia patients have difficulty breathing. Here are some risk factors that could cause a person suffering from pneumonia or pneumonia. * People aged over 65 years of age or infants younger than 2 years. Both of these age groups have a weak immune system so prone to infection. * Patients with chronic lung diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis. * Patients with chronic diseases such as heart failure, diabetes or sickle cell anemia. * Undergoing treatment in a hospital intensive care unit especially those using the tools of breath / ventilator. * Complications such as stroke or di


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