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    Herbal medicine Biduri

    Root bark biduri kolagola efficacious, peluruh sweat (diaforetik), stimulating vomiting (emetic), stimulate the digestive enzymes (alteratif) and laxative urine (diuretic). Efficacious emetic biduri bark, flowers and nutritious tonic increase appetite (stomakik). Rubifasien nutritious leaves and relieves itching. Sap poisonous and can cause vomiting. However efficacious as a laxative. Content of Chemical The roots contain saponin, sapogenin, kalotropin, kalotoksin, uskarin, kalaktin, gigatin and Harsha. Leaves contain saponion, flavonoids, polyphenols, tannins and calcium oxalate. Rods contain tannins, saponins and calcium oxalate. cardiac toxic sap that resembles digitalis. Parts used: * Skin roots, leaves, sap and flowers. Indication Root bark is used for the treatment of: * Feve


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