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    Herbal medicine slobber

    Generally, slobber planted in the garden as an ornamental or medicinal plants. Herb that comes from Southeast Asia are commonly found in damp places and open, like on the edge of ditches, rice fields or on the edge of the rural road at an altitude of 1-1300 m above sea level. The nature and efficacy Slobber smells wonderful, it was a bit bitter, cold nature. Efficacious as a laxative menstruation (emenagog), an appetite stimulant, neutralizing toxins (antitoksik), inhibits the growth of bacteria (antiseptic), menbuyarkan blood clots, ulcers and accelerate the maturation of killer worms (vermisida). Content of Chemical Stems and leaves contain essential oils, phenols, tannins, lipids, phytosterols, calcium oxalate, and peptic substances. Part Used Parts used for various diseases are t


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